Eco-Life: Regenerative paths, a E+ funded course

Summary On a beautiful little piece of land in Greece a two-week course focused on Permaculture Design and Agroforesty Systems took place. An intense experience with an overwhelming program that left everyone inspired and full of hope! These Erasmus+ projects are a wonderful gift that we european citizens have at the reach of our hands. […]

Porque arde Portugal?

Porque arde Portugal? – Reflexões e possíveis soluções-  A pergunta que não se quer calar e que infelizmente continua tão actual como em 2017, ano dos fatídicos incêndios de Junho e Outubro onde se contabilizaram 111 mortos oficiais, cerca de 320 feridos, perto de 500 mil hectares ardidos e centenas de milhões de euros em […]

Reflorestar Portugal – A world where communities nurture life

Reflorestar Portugal received the invitation to write an article about the work it develops for the latest edition of Sowing Seeds Magazine, which has just been launched in June 2020. We thank Jessica Donham and the Sowing Seeds team for their interest and opportunity! Get to know them @ can read the published article in our […]

Reforesting Portugal: Taking Communites From Extraction to Regeneration

The 2017 wildfires in Portugal burned some 442 thousand hectares of land and claimed 114 lives according to ICNF statistics. From the ashes of this devastation rose Reflorestar Portugal, a national network for forest and ecosystem regeneration. “It’s an initiative and citizenship driven by the collective dream of seeing Portuguese forests reborn with human presence and collaboration”, […]